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Everlast hand forged aluminum tray

Remember these aluminum trays from the 50's? No self-respecting hostess would have been without one! This one is 11-1/2" in diameter and 3/4" deep. It has a grapevine pattern and scalloped edges. Marked “Hand Forged Everlast Metal” on the back, as well as the number 363. Shows wear, but no damage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $20.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Aluminum candy dish

This 5-1/4" diameter x 3/4" deep aluminum candy dish has an all over floral design and crimped edge. When you hold it up to the light, the raised portions of the design have a goldish or copperish cast that makes we wonder if it they were originally gilded. The back has a hammered appearance and a faint mark that’s impossible to read. No damage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $10.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Buenilum double leaf tray

What a pretty tray for serving nuts or candy! Two large 6-1/2" x 6" x 1-1/2" deep leaves joined by an applied twisted loop handle. Overall the tray measures 12" x 9" x 2-1/2" tall. Leaf bottoms are veined, their sides are scalloped, and their tops are serrated. Bottom of each one is marked Buenilum and carries the castle and BW Buenilum logo. The BW stands for Frederick Buehner-Wanner, whose company produced aluminum products under the Buenilum name from the 1930's through the 1950's. BW sold to Pfaltzgraff in 1969 and closed altogether in 1973. This tray shows normal wear consistent with its age, but no actual damage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $25.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Federal serving tray

This very artistic 14" x 4-5/16" x 1-7/8" tall tray has a lovely floral design in the center, a wide undulating lip, and scalloped crimped edges. Bottom is marked “Aluminum by Federal Silver Co.” and this may be their florette design. Bottom also has the remnants of a rectangular sticker. Tray shows normal wear consistent with its age, but no actual damage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $28.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Huge hammered aluminum bowl

This is a positively huge vintage hammered aluminum bowl measuring 12-1/2" in diameter x 2-3/4" tall. Interior features an all over honeycomb design with a wide circle of roses and foliage in the bottom. Flared sides are fluted and scalloped at the top. Bottom is marked “World Hand Forged.” Shows normal wear consistent with its age, but no actual damage. Quite a beautiful statement piece for a buffet or dining room table! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $35.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Tomato design lazy susan

Remember when lazy susans were all the rage back in the '50's and '60's? Here’s a great 11-1/2" diameter hammered aluminum one from that era decorated with four tomato and leaf designs around its perimeter that also features a raised serrated edge. The center well is 7" in diameter and missing its original glass dish, but not to worry. If you don’t have a bowl that fits, our divided relish dish fits perfectly! This lazy susan shows normal wear consistent with its age, but had no damage and still twirls perfectly on its 5-1/2" diameter x 3/4" tall unmarked pedestal base with serrated edge. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $27.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Bestmade water dipper

Whoa! Ol’ Swaphos says this old aluminum water dipper looks like it could have been one of Cookie’s favorite chuckwagon utensils on treks along the Santa Fe Trail, but for me it conjures up wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents’ farm every summer as a young child. Grandma’s kitchen sink didn’t have a faucet where you just turned on the tap to get a drink of water. Nope, it had a really neat pump that a little kid like me had to pump like crazy with one hand while holding a big dipper like this one in the other hand waiting to catch the water that finally came out of the pump spout. What fun! Seeing this huge old dipper immediately transported me back nearly sixty years to long summer days of playing in the hayloft, riding on the tractor, picking corn for supper right off the stalk in the dusty cornfield across the even more dusty road, and helping Grandpa bring the cows home for evening milking, which was done by hand of course. All the cats would gather round, eagerly meowing for the occasional squirt right in the mouth from sure-shot Grandpa! That’s a lot of memories from one old water dipper, but if you’re lucky, this one will do the same for you. The large cup is 5" in diameter x 2-1/4" deep and holds 2 cups of water. The 9" long angled handle has a hole on its front side for hanging on a nail in the wall, but is also curved at the end for hanging over the edge of a pump. I’ll bet that’s how this one was used, because the cup’s back bottom edge has dents where it undoubtedly banged against the pump. The bottom is marked “Bestmade Extra Hard Aluminum” surrounded by a shield. In case you couldn’t tell, I just love this neat old water dipper and hope you will, too. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $32.50 + s/h

** SOLD **


Farberware morning glories tray

This attractive 11-1/2" diameter x 1" tall hammered aluminum tray features a 5-3/4" diameter center well, four double morning glories around its 2" lip, and an upturned crimped rim. The bottom carries Farberware’s anvil mark and says “Wrought Farberware, Bklyn, NY.” By the way, did you know that Farberware began in 1897 when Simon W. Farber, a Russian emigrant who started as a match peddler on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, founded
S. W. Farber, Inc. and opened a plant in Brooklyn? In the 1940s, Simon’s son Isadore became president and head of sales, while another son Milton became vice president. Milton had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in industrial engineering and also received a degree in economics from the Wharton School. Moving to the Bronx in 1944, the company started a new line of stainless steel pots and pans with bonded aluminum bottoms that was immediately dubbed Farberware. They also produced aluminum ware and electrical appliances, such as coffee pots, plus small arms during World War II. The company was ultimately sold to Hanson Industries, but Milton Farber, who had succeeded his brother as president, remained with the company until his retirement in 1973. He also designed and supervised the building of a factory in Israel to produce Farberware. Milton died in 1991 at the age of 81.

This vintage tray is a classic example of Farberware art and is in very good condition with no dings or dents. It has normal usage scratching consistent with its age, and a patina has developed around the edges of the raised morning glories and foliage, making the design stand out even more. Should you need a glass dish or bowl that fits perfectly into the well, we have three choices for you: two divided relish dishes and a beautiful sculptured Heisey bowl. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $30.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Coil-handled poinsettia sandwich tray

This is a lovely 11-1/4" diameter x 1-1/2" deep aluminum sandwich tray featuring two large sprays of poinsettias, fluted scalloped sides with serrated flower petal edges, and two big coiled handles that rise 2-1/2" above the top edge of the tray. Unmarked on the bottom (except for the remnants of a sticker), but I’ve seen others exactly like it listed as Farber & Shlevin’s poinsettia design from the 1940's. Shows normal wear consistent with its age, but no actual damage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $35.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Farber & Shlevin poinsettia tray

Here is another example of Farber & Shlevin’s use of the poinsettia design during the 1940's and this one is marked “Farber & Shlevin, Inc., Hand Wrought, 1732” on its bottom. The 13-1/2" diameter tray has two large poinsettia sprays in the center, surrounded by sides that sweep upward and outward to become 16 sculptured segments at the top. The eight larger segments contain flower blossom cut-outs and have serrated top edges. Alternating with these are the eight smaller unadorned segments with smooth top edges. Tray stands 1-1/4" tall. No dents or dings, and quite shiny, but shows normal wear, including some pitting that we have made no attempt to polish or buff out since most collectors prefer to have these character marks on their vintage aluminum pieces. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $40.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Rose bouquet serving tray

I’ll bet you anything that this beautiful 13-3/4" diameter tray is also a Farber & Shlevin, although it’s unmarked. It’s decorated with a circle of eight bouquets of roses that look exactly like Farber & Shlevin’s pattern 1803. Likewise the 16 sculptured segments at the top, while lacking cut-outs, are exactly like those of our poinsettia tray listed immediately above, alternating between serrated and smooth top edges. To top it all off, this tray measures 15-3/4" across at its large ornate attached handles, each of which features six flowers that looks suspiciously like poinsettias to me! I wonder what determined whether an F&S piece got marked or not? As far as that goes, who were Farber & Shlevin? Was this an offshoot of Farberware? I haven’t discovered anything about this company, and it’s driving me nuts! Please send me an email if you can enlighten me! Standing just over 1" tall at its handles, this tray, too, is quite shiny and has no dents or dings, but has light surface scratching on both the top and bottom, plus some small slightly deeper scratches on one of the smooth-edged segments. Still a most attractive and impressive piece of vintage aluminum. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

** Flash ** - A site visitor named Diane has discovered a link between Farberware and Farber & Shlevin -- at least as far as these rose design trays are concerned. Read Diane’s email here.

Price: $35.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Stunning aluminum water pitcher

I’ve never seen the word “stunning” applied to any aluminum piece, let alone a water pitcher, but honestly, that’s the only appropriate word to use for this one! It’s absolutely exquisite and I’ve never seen anything even remotely comparable. It has an overall “beaded diamonds” background pattern with a sunburst in the center of each diamond. On each side is a large oval medallion featuring a beautiful bird surrounded by grape vines and two bunches of hanging grapes, all of this surrounded by a border of beaded circles in a scallop-edged ribbon. A similar straight-edged ribbon encircles the lower portion of the pitcher, underneath which are a circle of downward pointing sunbursts and upward pointing pyramids, with a final border underneath that of slightly larger beaded circles. The craftsmanship is nothing short of extraordinary! Swirling vines climb up the textured handle. And did I mention the ice lip? Who ever would have thought that an ice lip could be an artistic expression? Even the bottom of the pitcher has an elaborate design. I sure wish I knew who created this outstanding piece of art, but the markings in the center of the bottom design are enigmatic at best. There’s what looks like a torch in a diamond, surrounded by very strange lettering. Another diamond mark above the handle contains a faceted diamond. The pitcher’s exterior is in superb condition, with only the top edge showing age wear. The interior, however, indicates by its considerable water spotting that a former owner used this pitcher a lot. This doesn’t affect usage, of course, and certainly doesn’t affect this amazing pitcher’s display value. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $85.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Please read Steve’s email. He recently purchased an aluminum pitcher similar to the one listed above, and he, too, is searching for information about the company that produced these stunning aluminum pieces. If you can enlighten him -- and me -- about this company, please email me.
Thanks a bunch,
Miss Kitty

Palco canteen

This is a vintage Palco aluminum canteen manufactured by the Worcester Pressed Aluminum Co. Of Worcester, MA ca WWI. It carries a patent date of May 4, 1915. The company manufactured military mess kits and canteens during both world wars, and also made aluminum camping kits, often produced for the Boy Scouts. This 7-3/4" diameter canteen is approximately 2" thick. Its convex front features the Palco logo surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath and its plain back has a large concave portion in the center. The aluminum is still amazingly shiny and not nearly as scratched as you’d expect for a canteen of this age. The screw-on cap with large hanging loop is marked “Schrader Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Made in U.S.A.” This canteen makes a marvelous display piece, but it’s also still fully functional. It doesn’t leak and there’s no odor from inside. The cap still screws on and off perfectly. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $50.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


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