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Coffee Pots & Teapots

Farberware Art Deco electric coffee pot

Is this a gorgeous coffee pot or what? Produced by Farberware in the mid to late 1930s, this Art Deco electric coffee pot has a shiny chromium finish decorated with an elaborate but tasteful lacy laurel garland etched around the top of its midsection. Double bands encircle the mouth and both the top and bottom of the pedestal base. When lidded, the pot stands 11-1/4" tall from its 3 button feet to the top of its removable rounded octagonal glass knob. It measures 10" across from its gracefully curved spout to its equally graceful black plastic handle. The bottom carries an enormous amount of information, including  “Farberware, S.W. Farber, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.,” “Percolator No. 206," “120-volts,” “550 watts,” “”U.S. Pat. 1839329,” “Can. Pat. 325985,” “To avoid damage to heat unit do not set this article in water,” plus instructions on how to renew the fuse. Includes the original stem, coffee basket with lid, and cloth cord. Outstanding exterior condition. No dings or dents on either the pot or the lid, and only very slight surface scratching. The lid fits securely into the pot and the glass knob fits securely into the lid. The interior top of the knob has slight cloudiness, the interior surface of the pot shows coffee staining, and the basket has several small dimples at its bottom perimeter, none of which affects usage or display. No interior markings on either the pot or the basket to show how many cups of coffee this percolator makes, but I’d assume 8-10 based on its size. Whether you actually use this beautiful coffee pot or simply display it with pride, it adds more than merely a “touch” of class to any kitchen or dining room! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $65.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Copco Michael Lax tea kettle

If you think this beautiful Danish Modern cream colored enamel teapot with teak handle and lid knob is a work of art, you’re absolutely correct – it is! It’s one of the famous Michael Lax designs for Copco. In fact, Copco was founded by Sam Farber in 1960 to manufacture and distribute porcelain-enameled cast iron cookware designed by Michael Lax, IDSA, and Margrethe mixing bowls designed by the Danish firm of Bernadotte & Bjorn, both of which have become classic designs. Before coming to Copco, Michael Lax (1929-1999) was already a well-known New York designer. As a Fulbright Fellow he worked under Kaj Franck, noted Finish ceramic and glass designer, and Llmari Tapiovaara, architect and furniture designer, after which he returned to New York to assist Russel Wright  in the development of ceramic dinnerware designs. He designed for Copco from 1960 to the 1980's, creating his first tea kettle in 1962. Examples of his work are found in the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Our gorgeous tea kettle is 7-1/2" in diameter, 9-1/2" across at the spout, 6-3/4" high to the top of its teak lid knob, and 8-3/4" high when its teak handle is in the upright position. Bottom is marked “Copco, Michael Lax Design #117, Spain.” Superb nearly-new condition. One small enamel chip on the bottom lid rim and minor roughness at the kettle rim and spout rim. Truly a beautiful vintage tea kettle from one of America’s foremost designers! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $50.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Presto electric coffee pot

Presented here for your coffee drinking pleasure is this beautiful vintage (these models began production in 1958) stainless steel Presto 12-cup electric coffee maker Model 0281104 Series 1693R. It has never been used, and in fact its cord is still coiled up inside. Also inside, of course, is the shiny lidded aluminum coffee basket that rests on a spring attached to the removable center stem. Unit measures 12-1/2" tall to the top of its black plastic lid finial, is about 5" in diameter at its widest point, and measures 9" across from its attractively angulated spout to its large black plastic handle. Six little knob feet at the perimeter of the indented base keep the coffee pot stable while not allowing it to rest directly on a counter or tabletop. The Presto name and other information are on the bottom and there’s an indicator light on the lower front to show when the coffee is ready. Lid fits very securely. As stated, this coffee pot has never been used and is in perfect condition. The exterior stainless steel shows some spotting from being stored in a plastic bag all these years, but a good stainless steel polish should clean this right up. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $48.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Chantal Classic Tea Kettle

This Chantal Classic Tea Kettle is made of stainless steel coated in soft mint green enamel. Beautifully styled and sturdily constructed, this heavy 1.8 quart tea kettle has a flat bottom that’s safe to use on ceramic, glass, and induction stovetops as well as normal gas or electric burners. When the water boils, instead of the ear-splitting scream you get with lesser tea kettles, The Chantal treats you to the most pleasing double-tone whistle you ever heard, produced by a genuine Hohner harmonica in the flip-up spout cap! Waaay cool! As its name suggests, the Chantal Classic has become a design icon and is still sold today (Macy’s regular price is $140.00). It stands 8-1/4" tall to the top of its shapely double handle with diameters of 3-3/8" at the mouth and 7" at the base. Lid finial loop is marked “Chantal.” Absolutely pristine condition and it’s doubtful this beautiful tea kettle has ever been used. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $100.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Rival Hot Pot Express

This is a famous Rival Hot Pot Express made of easy-to-clean white polypropolene with gray enameled aluminum base. Measuring 6-1/2" in diameter (10" across from pouring spout to handle), it stands 6-1/2" tall to the top of its large circular knob. Attached electrical cord at bottom for easy use on any counter, table, or desk top. It boils up to 32 ounces of water, then keeps it hot for hours, automatically maintaining the desired temperature setting from warm to boil or any point in between. Also great for heating milk, soups, leftovers, canned foods, noodles, vegetables, etc. Its compact size doesn't take up much space, so not only is it convenient for kitchen use, it’s also great for an office, dorm room, or even a motel room! Never used, this Hot Pot Express is in perfect condition, complete with its original stickers, instruction sheet, and coiled cord secured with its original red twist tie. What an attractive and versatile little appliance! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $15.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Greek urn coffee pot

This vintage silver plated coffee pot stands 11" tall to the top of the finial on its hinged lid. The pot is shaped like a Greek urn and decorated with an incised band of Greek key design and four bands of buttons. The graceful handle is unusual in that it has two ivory colored plastic inserts that could be Bakelite. The overall appearance is that of shiny pewter. Unmarked, but the bottom has an small oval where a label must have originally been affixed. One tiny dent on the lid’s button band, and one side of the pot has a U-shaped discoloration, the right top of which feels like a scratch. See our matching cream pitcher. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $35.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Royal Austria teapot

This exquisite little pure white teapot is marked on its bottom with a green laurel wreath with “Royal” in the center, “O.&E.G.” above, and “Austria” below. This is the mark of Oscar & Edgar Guntherz that was used between 1899-1918. The teapot stands 2-1/2" high by itself and 3" high when lidded. It is 3-1/8" in diameter at its base, 2-3/4" in diameter at its mouth, and 7" across from spout to handle. With no cracks, crazing, or discoloration, this little beauty’s only flaws are one tiny chip at the edge of its spout and an even tinier chip at the edge of its rim. It’s highly unusual to find one of these delicate old teapots in such superb condition and with an intact lid! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $50.00 + s/h and insurance


  only 1 available


Blue & white Chinese teapot

This is an vintage blue and white porcelain teapot that stands 4-3/4" tall, rising to 6" when lidded. It measures 8" across from spout to handle, with diameters of 3" at the mouth, 4-1/2" at the shoulder, and 3-3/8" at the base. The body is creamy white with tiny indented blue leaves randomly placed. A band of larger blue leaves, alternating between 1/2" and 3/4" tall, encircles the bottom. The shoulder features a decorative band of delicate blue geometrics, with a matching band encircling the lid. The spout, handle, and lid finial each sports a tiny blue flower. The bottom is marked “Made in China” and has five Chinese characters (cartouches). Near perfect condition with no cracks or crazing. One 3/8" chip at the exterior rim of the mouth. Some age roughness and discoloration to the unglazed bottom rims of both the teapot and the lid which in no way detract from the lovely overall appearance. A beautiful addition to your teapot collection, especially if you’re a lover of blue and white. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $30.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Copper finished tin tea kettle

This neat old tin teakettle has a delightfully distressed copper finish and wooden handle grip and lid finial. Kettle is 4" tall, rising to 6" tall when lidded, and 8-1/4" tall when the flip-down handle is in the upright position. Diameters are 4-1/4" at the mouth, approximately 6-1/2" at the widest point, and 4" at the base. Measures approximately 9" across at the gracefully curved spout. Unmarked bottom. Good vintage condition with no dents or dings. As stated, the exterior copper finish is quite spotted, but the interior is virtually pristine with no water spotting, making me doubt that this teakettle has ever been used. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $20.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


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