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Emails. . .We Get Emails!

From Nick:

Hello from England! I noticed that you have an Edward Sharp candy (called sweets here in the U.K.) tin. I remember them very well when I was at school in the 1950s. Specifically they made chewy toffees and everybody knew their advertising slogan - “Sharps the Word for Toffee”. They first recorded “Sharp’s Super-Kreem Toffee” as a registered trade-mark on February 21, 1922. Their famous logos (still registed and protected) were:
1) A parrot on a floor-stand perch - “Speaks for Itself”
2) A caricature of an upper-crust gent, complete with bowler-hat (derby), walking-stick, and monocle - “Sir Kreemy Knut”

Your can still buy these toffees made by Tebor-Bassett - a huge conglomerate manufacturing all kinds of foodstuffs. BUT THEY DO NOT TASTE THE SAME!!!!!

Dear Nick,
Hello to the far end of the Santa Fe Trail. Yes it is true, originally much of the merchandise sent into the old Mexican town of what is now Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, was imported from England and/or France. Indeed it was truly international commerce.

My grandfather introduced me to toffee when I was just a boy also, in the 50's. Nothing is the same anymore, is it? Yet who of us back then could have imagined something so magnificent as the internet and e-mail. So some things are better. Almost instantaneous communication rather than two weeks for a snail mail letter to England. Please share with us HOW you managed to come across our website!

To thank you for your kind addition of information, we have immortalized you on the SFTP website.
Best wishes,
Ol’ Swaphos

Dear Ol’ Swaphos,
You’re absolutely right about the Internet - it is truly amazing!

I made a small mistake in my email it should have been Trebor-Bassett, not Tebor-Bassett. Apologies for that.

I mostly use the MSN search-engine and just simply stumbled upon your site. I can’t even remember what I entered as a search criteria.

If you have anything with patent dates or numbers on it and you need information, do let me know. I have lots of time and would be happy to search out whatever I can.
Kindest regards,


From Laurel:

Hello -
I saw your lovely bottles online.  I was wondering if you’d be willing to sell a couple bottles from your lots.

Your listing for: Set of 4 vintage clear glass perfume bottles. I’d love to have the Jungle Gardenia bottle, but have no use for the rest.

Your listing for: The M-N mini quartet. I’d love to have the Abano bottle, but have no use for the rest.

I can’t afford the lots as I don’t need them, so I thought I’d ask if you’d be willing to part with the bottles I’m interested in. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Warm regards,

Dear Laurel,
First I want to thank you for your email and express my appreciation for the fact that you have gotten the trading post spirit. The only thing better would have been if you had said you wanted to trade us a box car load of horse shoes or something. I forwarded your email to Kitty and she asked me to send you her reply, with which I fully agree. Every once in awhile one of our visitors will send us an email telling us that we screwed up on something or giving us an additional piece of history to add to an item. Thank you and here is the message form Miss Kitty:

Dear Laurel,
Thank you for your email -- it may have saved my life! I hadn’t properly researched the mini bottles before putting them on the site. Shame on me! Now I have, and was horrified to discover that our Abano bottle is worth $150.00! Needless to say, we have updated the site, listing that bottle by itself. Had Ol’ Swaphos discovered I’d made this serious of a mistake, he probably would have killed me, or at least headed to divorce court!

To thank you for letting me remain a married and very alive woman, I want to give you the Jungle Gardenia bottle. Completely free. We’ll even pay the shipping. If you’d like to have it, please send a reply email with your name and address, and I promise to mail it out to you the very next day.
Best wishes,
Miss Kitty

Dear Miss Kitty -
Well thank you kindly for your offer of the Jungle Gardenia bottle. I’ll take it !! :} I just purchased your 2 Onyx bottles, so they can ship together :}

Also...you are freaking me out about the Abano!! I have a couple of full large 4 oz bottles at my mother’s and between us we probably have 4 of the travel bottles like yours!! I’ll call her tomorrow and we may have to dig in her storage for any more :} These suckers belong in a safe deposit box :} I had no idea...but I’m glad to have helped you...and you have helped me :} Thank you!!

Yikes!! Should I now pay for the Jungle Gardenia bottle?? :}
Warm regards,

Dear Laurel,
Nope, a deal’s a deal! Your Jungle Gardenia bottle is free and we’ll get all three bottles mailed off to you today, all in the same box, and we’ll pay the shipping on it. BTW, the glue on the bottom label of the JG bottle finally gave way and the label popped right off when I picked up the bottle this time. So when you open that little bubble wrapped package, expect to find a perfectly intact but disattached circular label. The rectangular label on the bottle front is still securely glued. Go figure!

As to freaking out over the Abano bottle price, so did I! I’m continually amazed to discover how much some of our things are worth, but this one takes the cake! Perfume bottles seem to be a law unto themselves. Prices appear to be based on a combination of brand, fragrance within the brand (Abano vs. Windsong, etc.), substance (perfume vs. cologne, etc.), age, size, bottle design, label(s), box (is there one?), and empty/full/partial contents. Sometimes it’s a matter of who made the bottle and/or atomizer, regardless of whether the bottle ever had anything in it. A DeVilbiss or Lalique is practically worth its weight in gold! Take a look at this site for some interesting information about Jungle Gardenia:


Your comment about the safe deposit box may not be that far off the mark. You and your mother could well have a small fortune in perfume bottles! Happy researching!
Best wishes,
Miss Kitty

Thanks so much Miss Kitty!! You are priceless!! This has been a true pleasure and I’ll be sure to browse through your shop again for more goodies!!
Warmest regards,


From Steve:


I was searching the internet for information on an aluminum pitcher I recently bought, when I came across the pitcher you had listed. My pitcher is identical in shape, including the ice lip, and has the same diamond maker’s mark on the bottom and above the handle. My pitcher has a mountain scene with the sun rising in the background and what seems to be cows on it, as well as a huge tree. I was wondering if you had any more information on the maker of these pitchers? I am having no luck looking up information on line. Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your “new” pitcher. I’ve once again been all over the web searching for information about the mystery company that produced these gorgeous aluminum pieces, but still no joy. This is soooo frustrating!

Is there any possibility that you could scan the bottom of your pitcher and send me the photograph(s)? The markings on our pitcher’s bottom were so faint that they wouldn’t even scan.

As you know, our pitcher went to a new home awhile back and frankly, I was sorry to see it go. I’ve never seen another one like it or even heard of a similar one until we got your email. Where did you get yours?

We’ve added your email to our emails pages and hopefully one of our site visitors will be able to solve this mystery. We’ll certainly let you know if and when it is in fact solved.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Best wishes,
Miss Kitty


From Ivanna:


I have the flour lid to to blue onion canisters Unfortunately, my canister did not make it so I would like to contact the people who bought the canisters so they can have a complete set.


Hi Ivanna,

Ol' Swaphos forwarded your email to me. You are a really good person! How kind of you to offer to send your orphan flour canister lid to the people who bought our set with the missing lid. We sold it to them almost three years ago, but luckily I keep a list of our customers, including snail mail and email addresses. I have sent them an email and assuming they have the same email address and I hear back from them, I will give them your email address. If I haven't heard from them in a few days, I'll try sending them a letter to their snail mail address. Of course I'll keep you advised of any progress I make in contacting them.

One of the greatest joys of being the proprietress of Santa Fe Trading Post is that I get to hear from kind and generous people like you. In this age of seemingly nonstop bad news and everybody irritated if not downright angry at everybody else, I think it's really important to be reminded that there are a lot of truly good people in the world. You are certainly one of them and I sincerely thank you for your email. You've made my day!

Best wishes,
Miss Kitty

Hi Tom,

You bought a Blue Onion canister set with a missing flour lid from us nearly three years ago. Amazingly enough, we just got an email from a site visitor saying that she has an orphan flour lid that she'd like to send to you so you'll have a complete set. Can you believe it???

I'm hoping that this is still a good email address for you and that you get this. Let me know if you'd like to contact this generous lady and I'll send you her email address.

Best wishes,
Miss Kitty

Dear Miss Kitty,

Thanks so much for your email! I purchased the replacement set for my daughter. I had shipped my deceased mother's set that she had intended for her from Maryland to Illinois in 2009 and the entire set broke!  We never told her it was not the same set!  We thought we would get insurance reimbursement but by the time I had arrived back to Illinois my husband Tom had destroyed all the evidence that the post office wanted! C'est la vie!

Shelley was happy, but sad about the broken lid!!! It was her Christmas present from her deceased grandma. She will be so excited to hear that I have "found" a lid for her. Mothers are magical, you know!

Let me know the shipping fee and I will make her happy once again!


Hi Tricia,

Here is the email address of the lady with the orphan flour lid. Why don't you contact her direct and the two of you can work out the details. (Gave her Ivanna’s email address.)

This is a truly amazing ending to three separate amazing stories! Yes, mothers are magical. So are grandmothers. And thanks to websites and email, so are complete strangers! Ol' Swaphos and I were moved to tears by your story. And in a way, your daughter really will have "grandma's" set. It's just that the grandma in question was Ol' Swaphos' grandma! Her name was Maude and I'm sure she and your mother are smiling down on all of us.

You might want to tuck these emails away some place where your daughter will find them someday after all of us, too, are gone. It will be good for her to know that mothers sometime tell lies of omission out of great love.

We are so privileged to be able to put good kind people in contact with each other.


Hello Kitty,

Such a great response! I am crying too! Just another twist to this story, my youngest son just returned home from living in Santa Fe! At least New Mexico - if that is where you are located.

Regards again,

Hi Tricia,

Actually, we're in a suburb of Kansas City, close to Westport, the trailhead of the Santa Fe Trail. We've made the trek across Kansas on the SFT remnants (Highway 56) to Santa Fe several times on both the northern branch through Colorado and the southern Cimarron cutoff through New Mexico. It's quite an historical drive either way and and at some places you can actually still see the wide ruts of the Trail. Santa Fe is one of our all-time favorite cities. Old Town is truly a place that every American ought to visit at least once.

I forwarded your email & my response to Ivanna, so she'll be expecting your email. This whole thing is just too wonderful and I'm going to add a P.S. to the Blue Onion canister listing on our SFTP site with a link to the emails page where other site visitors can read the email exchanges among the three of us (protecting Ivanna's and your identities, of course). Hopefully I'll get that done today. I just think people need to be reminded of the goodness in the world. Heaven knows we don't hear enough about it!

Do let me know how all this comes out, OK?


Hi again Ivanna,

Just heard from our customer and I'm forwarding you my entire email exchange with her. Little did you know the true importance of your lid. Thank you again for being such a kind person.


Hi there.

We have created an amazing story to tell -- thanks! My husband bought an old truck and in the back was the canister set. The sugar was repaired with a little glue, but the flour was too bad so I was searching for a flour canister when I came upon your website. I thought it would be nice if at least someone could have a complete set.

I have emailed Tricia and hope to get the lid to her in 3 or 4 days.

Thanks again for your help. I live in Arizona.

Happy days to ya!

Hi Ivanna,

Yes, you, Tricia, and I have produced an amazing story via an even more amazing chain of events, but you started it all with your random act of kindness!

I’ve added a P.S. to this canister set’s story on our site with a link to the emails page that contains all of our emails so other site visitors can enjoy them, too. Like I told Tricia, I just think people need to be reminded of the goodness in the world.

And guess what! I’ve found you a replacement flour canister – complete with lid! Go to (gave her the url).

So all’s well that ends well. Tricia’s daughter finally has a lid to replace the one I broke almost thirty years ago, you have a flour canister with a lid, and not only can I finally stop feeling guilty about breaking the lid,  I have two new friends! Who could ask for anything more???


Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know I sent Tricia the lid and thanks to you I will have a flour canister very soon. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I could not have done it without you. Smiles to all.


Hi Ivanna,

Thanks for the update. Ol’ Swaphos’ grandma would be so pleased to know that her beloved set (now Shelley’s beloved set) is once again complete thanks to you. And I’m so glad to know that you are winding up with a complete set, too. That’s two complete sets that we know of – pretty remarkable given that these sets were produced sixty years ago! It’s been my pleasure to play a part in this amazing saga!



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