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Lamps & Lighting

Vintage Banner kerosene lamp

This lovely old glass kerosene lamp stands 10” tall to the top of its burner, rising to 18-3/4" tall with glass chimney. The hollow pedestal base portion has 12 tapering convex panels that sweep upward from 1” wide scalloped bottoms. Above the indented solid glass mid-portion, the hollow “squashed globe” portion repeats the 12 convex panels in reverse, ending with 1” wide scalloped tops, one of which contains a rather nifty air bubble. The brass burner says “Banner” and the thumb wheel says “P&A Mfg Co. Waterbury Conn. Made in USA”. (Plume & Atwood was founded in Waterbury in 1869 and produced a full line of lamps and lamp trimmings in Waterbury until 1955, when the Manufacturing Division and Main Offices relocated to Thomaston, CT.) The pressed glass base is 5" in diameter. Clear glass chimney is undoubtedly not original and has one little fleabite nick at its 1-7/8” diameter top. No nicks, chips, or cracks to the lamp itself, although the inner edge of the base ring is somewhat rough. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $85.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Blown etched glass lamp chimney

This is a very old, delicately thin, blown and etched glass lamp chimney. It stands 7-1/2" high, with a 2-1/2" diameter base and a 2-5/8" diameter beaded top. It is 4-1/4" in diameter at its widest point. Three thin etched bands encircle the chimney, and three elegant pictorial etchings look like stylized trees with a cameo face at the middle top. This chimney probably graced an old oil lamp at one time and there are three tiny chips at the base, undoubtedly from being fitted into the chimney holder. Other than that, it’s in perfect condition and would make a lovely and stylish chimney for any prized oil or kerosene lamp. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $40.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Yellow roses Gone With the Wind lamp

This is a beautiful old electric Gone With the Wind lamp featuring a brass base and hand-painted yellow roses on the front of both its milk glass base and shade. Lamp stands 20" tall. Footed brass base is 6" x 6" and marked “Accurate Casting Co.” on the bottom. Shade is 9-7/8" diameter at its base, 4-1/2" diameter at its scalloped top, and 6-1/2" tall. Brass base has developed a nice patina over the decades. What at first glance looks like a v-shaped crack on the underside of the shade is surely a manufacturing flaw since it’s not sharp and the finish isn’t broken. Otherwise in perfect condition. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $75.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Antique Victorian table lamp

This is an utterly gorgeous large electric glass globe table lamp that absolutely screams “Victorian era”. The 10" diameter globe features large hand-painted roses on both the front and back, done in delicate shades of pink with raised white accents and a deep yellow center on the two largest roses. The stems and leaves are several shades of green and brownish purple. The globe’s background color shades from yellow to the same brownish purple. Frankly, neither our photos nor my description in any way does justice to these exquisite colors! The globe is topped by a 5-1/4" diameter brass (?) collar that has developed quite a patina over the decades, as have the lightbulb holder and shade cage. The collar has one scuffed place. The wooden base is 2-tiered, 8-1/2" in diameter, and features four 1/2" wood block feet. There is a glue separation on one side where the two base pieces are joined together. Now about the pink lamp shade with black fringe trim. It’s certainly not original to this lamp. In fact, Ol’ Swaphos remembers his mama making this shade back in the late 50's to – are you ready for this? – top off one of her brass bird cages! That’s where it stayed for over 40 years until I got my hands on it, laughed myself silly over that ridiculous shaded bird cage, and put it on this lamp instead. They just seem to go together, even though the shade is, as Ol’ Swaphos says, a mess! Consider it our freebie when you buy this fantastic Victorian lamp! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $200.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Aladdin Model No. 11 table lamp

This Aladdin lamp with brass finished base and milk glass hobnail shade stands 21" high. The thumb wheel says “Aladdin Model No. 11, Made in USA, Chicago, The Mantle Lamp Company of America, Inc.” This company was founded by Victor Samuel Johnson in 1908 and introduced the Aladdin Lamp the following year. The Model 11 was produced from 1922-1928. The brass finish on this one has developed a patina over the decades. There’s a small dent in the upper portion of the middle section and a larger dent on its side.  It’s doubtful the clear glass chimney is the original. The milk glass hobnail shade is 7" tall, with a base diameter of 9-3/4" and a pie crust top diameter of 5-3/4". This lamp has been electrified and needs to be rewired. It is the same size and shape as the Aladdin lamp listed immediately below. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $140.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Aladdin table lamp

This electrified Aladdin lamp with brass finished base and milk glass hobnail shade stands 21" high. The thumb wheel says “Aladdin, Mantle Lamp Company, Chicago”.  The brass finish has developed a patina over the decades and there’s one tiny dent in the upper portion of middle section. It’s doubtful the clear glass chimney is the original. Milk glass hobnail shade is 7" tall, with a base diameter of 9-3/4" and a pie crust top diameter of 5-3/4". This lamp is the same size and shape as Aladdin Model No. 11 lamp listed immediately above. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $140.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Brass urn kerosene lamp

This vintage kerosene lamp has a brass finished base in the shape of an ornate double-handled urn and a lovely old opalescent glass shade in a hobnail pattern. The glass has a bluish cast. Clear glass chimney has beaded top rim. Lamp stands 17" tall. Shade is 5" tall, with a 10" base diameter and 4-1/4" top diameter. Missing the part that holds the oil. Excellent condition. No dents in the base and no chips or cracks in the shade. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $95.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Mammoth Globe Incandescent lamp fount

This is an antique brass finished fount (the reservoir or tank that holds the fuel in a lamp) that originally was part of a Mammoth Globe Incandescent Lamp, a/k/a “store lamp” (large wick hanging lamp), made by the Standard Lighting Co. of Cleveland, OH some time around the turn of the 20th Century. Apparently, “Mammoth” was the line or style of lamp, and “Globe Incandescent” was the brand, although the lamps were not "incandescent" in the sense of being a mantle lamp. Our fount is 11-1/4" tall and  8-3/4" in diameter, with a 5-1/2" diameter base. The rim around the middle has three cutouts where the lamp frame would have attached to allow the lamp to hang from a ceiling. The bottom has a very faint impression that reads: “No. 2 Globe Incandescent Lamp, The Standard Lighting Co., Cleveland, O., U.S.A., Makers, Patents Pending”. I have found virtually no information about the Standard Lighting Co. anywhere online, although I did find one web site that showed a picture of two of these lamps from an 1897 catalog. Since they didn’t say the picture was copyrighted, I “borrowed” it to add here. Naturally our fount has developed a patina and age spots over the past century, as well as a few dents and creases, the largest of which is a 2-1/4" diagonal dent on the lower portion of one side. I have no idea whether the separate 3-3/8" diameter copper colored collar is original or not, but it was with the fount when we acquired it, so you get it, too! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $100.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Antique copper finished lamp fount

Here is a really old copper finished lamp fount that has no markings, so I don’t know who made it, let alone when. It stands 6-3/4" tall and its base is 8-1/2" in diameter. From the looks of its sides and bottom, I’d bet this piece originally fit inside another piece of the lamp, with only its three-tiered sloping top showing above its narrow rim. The bottom portion shows plenty of wear, both creases and greenish oxidation, undoubtedly from being constantly put into and taken out of its companion piece, which has long since been lost. The top portion has a flat circular fuel gauge on one side that says “Fuel” and has markings for 0, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. A moveable arrow would indicate how much oil or kerosene remained in the fount. The arrow is now stuck on 0 – after all, the darn thing’s probably been empty for decades! – but wiggles a little, bringing forth a metallic noise from inside as if an inner mechanism is trying to move. Wonder if it still works? I have made no attempt to wash or otherwise clean this fount, so all surfaces have a heavy patina. When you rub them, your finger tips get black, especially if you rub the inner surface of the innermost collar, which has a place where the metal was long ago burned away when someone goofed and made the lamp produce too much heat! Definitely a neat old rustic looking piece. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $60.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


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