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Office Stuff

Ornate bronze desk set with leaded glass inkwells

This heavy (nearly 3 pounds!) ornate 5-piece desk set is composed of a deeply sculptured cast bronze tray outfitted with two leaded glass inkwells, each with a bronze lid. The tray measures 10-1/4" wide in front, 7-1/2" wide in back x 6" deep x 1" tall and features an antique finish of gold over black. Concave fountain pen holder in front is embellished with sculpted flowers and swirls. Concave paper clip holder in center back is a 3-tiered shell design flanked by two square cutouts into which the inkwells fit. They are cut leaded glass and measure 2-1/4" square at their tops and 1-1/2" square at their bases. Their 7/8" diameter x 1" deep wells are topped by 1-5/8" diameter x 7/8" tall brass lids with sculpted swirl designs. No maker marks on either the inkwells or the bronze. Perfect condition with no nicks, chips, or cracks to the glass and no dings to the bronze. Truly a beautiful and substantial desk set that would enhance any desk. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $250.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Pair of hand carved boxes from India

This is a pair of lovely old heavily carved wooden boxes. The bottoms have their original stickers which read “Hand carved in India. Completely carved by hand from Himalayan Jungle Sheesham Wood, one at a time, one Indian carver producing about three pieces a day, a useful, decorative box.” Each box measures 6" x 4" x 2-1/2" high, and is lined top and bottom with blue felt surrounded by a thin wood frame. Hinges appear to be brass. These boxes are not identical in terms of pattern and paint. The carving is slightly different on each, as is the white painted flower design. The box with the left facing flower is in perfect condition. The box with the right facing flower has a loose hinge and its lid is starting to separate on the back side where the uppermost piece glues to the main lid piece. Still perfectly useable, highly decorative, and the perfect size for holding rubber bands, oversized paper clips, etc. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $35.00 + s/h and insurance


  only 1 pair available


Palm Hard Case

Keep your handheld palm safe and secure with this Palm Tungsten™ T Hard Case. Made of anodized aluminum with an inside cushioned lining. Includes slots for extension cards and a spring-loaded hinge and attachment clip and maintains full Bluetooth™ range. Measures 3-1/4" wide x 4-3/8" tall x 1" deep and is compatible with all Palm™ Tungsten™ T handhelds. New and unused in original packaging. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $15.00 + s/h


   only 3 available


English sterling silver inkwell

This is a very old sterling silver inkwell that stands 1-5/8" tall with diameters of 1-3/4" at the hinged lid and 3-5/8" at the base. It has long since lost what surely must have been a glass insert to hold the ink, and the bottom looks like it originally might have had a glued-on felt piece. There are four hallmarks on one side near the bottom (D&S, an anchor, a lion, and an O), and two more inside the lid (a lion and an O). All of the hallmark surrounds (cartouches) are shields, the surround used from 1920-1924, and indicate that this inkwell was made by an English silversmith (D&S) in the town of Birmingham, England (anchor) of sterling silver (lion) in the year 1913 (O). At the time we took the initial pictures, this piece was rather heavily tarnished. However, once Ol’ Swaphos started cleaning it in order to see the hallmarks, he couldn’t stop himself from doing quite a nice overall cleaning, so the final picture shows it in its cleaned condition. This inkwell is in very good condition, especially considering its near-antique status, with only a few small dents in the soft silver and one crease down by the hallmarks. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $100.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


York 2-pound dumbbell paperweight

You say you want a distinctive paperweight? How about this classic York cast iron dumbbell made by the York Barbell Company. The story goes that Bob Hoffman, a partner in an oil-burner business that had its factory on North Broad Street in York, PA, invented the barbell in 1923. By the early 1930s, his oil-burner business had evolved into a barbell business and Bob Hoffman became the “Father of World Weightlifting.” By 1946, York Barbell employed 150 people, sold 50,000 barbell sets, and was grossing $1 million annually. The company also published its own magazines and sold health and food supplements. For years Hoffman was the dominant figure in U.S. weightlifting, coach of the Olympic team, and the most vocal advocate and salesman for the sport. But trouble started brewing when York Barbell Company became linked to anabolic steroids, first used by weightlifters in the early 1960s. Hoffman died in 1985, the extent of his knowledge about his company's links to steroid abuse still unknown. York Barbell Company survived both the bad publicity and its founder’s death and is still in business today. And in case you didn’t know – I didn’t until now – a dumbbell is a single-weight device, whereas a barbell is actually a circular weight mounted on a bar, so you can put several barbells together on the same bar to vary the weight. At two pounds, this dumbbell not only makes a great paperweight, you an also use it for office exercise! It’s 5-1/4" long with 2" diameter knob ends, one of which is marked “2". The crosspiece is marked “YORK.” (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $15.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Lead crystal paperweight

On the other hand, if your tastes run more toward crystal than cast iron, here is an absolutely exquisite heavily faceted lead crystal paperweight that measures 4-3/4" long and has a diameter of 2" at its widest points. With an overall barbell shape, the 12-point stars at either end become 12 deep facets whose top edges are decorated with zipper cuts and, in the middle, one oval notch surrounded by two diamond notches. The bottom points of six alternating facets then become the top edge of the 6-sided concave center portion. Each of those edges contains matching zipper cuts and notches. No markings to identify the maker. Excellent condition with no chips, nicks, or cracks. Several of the six concave surfaces have very light usage scratching that you can’t see but can feel if you run your fingernail over the surfaces. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $75.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Sengbusch bakelite double inkwell

This is an absolutely amazing Sengbusch double inkwell desk set made entirely of bakelite except for the glass ink bottles. The bakelite colors are black and deep maroon, both flecked with green. Unit measures 12" long x 5-3/4" deep x 3-3/4" high, and is composed of a black base with center grooved maroon insert and two black domed caps with coordinating front grooves that fit atop two 2-1/8" diameter glass ink bottles with black screw-on lids. The lids are marked “Sengbusch, U.S. Pat. 2,390,667, Made in U.S.A.” and are quite ingenious. Each has a spout. After filling a bottle with ink, you screw on its lid and quickly (and carefully) turn the whole thing over, fitting the spout into an actual little “well” located in the interior bottom front of the bottle holder that’s right below where the pen would rest in the bottle holder’s exterior. Voila! Your pen nib is always resting in a small reservoir of ink! No wonder this mechanism was patented! And by the way, that patent was issued on December 11, 1945. The back of each bottle holder has the remnants of its original black sticker with “Sengbush” in gold script. Gustav J. Sengbusch founded the Sengbusch Self-Closing Inkstand Company in Milwaukee, WI in 1903. The story goes that he had been a bookkeeper in a Milwaukee wholesale house where one day he upset an inkstand on his ledger sheet, ruining hours of work. Yikes! Something had to be done to improve inkwells, and Mr. Sengbusch set about doing exactly that, changing careers in the process. He obviously loved the Art Deco style, and this gorgeous double inkwell desk set is an outstanding example of his work, both as a designer and an inventor. All pieces are in excellent vintage condition with no dings to the bakelite and no nicks, chips, or cracks to the glass ink bottles. There are a few scratches so common to these vintage bakelite pieces, but nothing that detracts from the overall beauty of this unique and substantial desk set that would be equally at home in either a man’s or woman’s executive office. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $450.00 + s/h and insurance


   only 1 available


Tupperware lunch set

Why take your lunch to work in a ratty old brown bag when you can be the envy of all your coworkers with this beautiful and practical Tupperware lunch set? Two 6" x 6" square “boxes” (the bottom one is 4-1/4" tall and the top one is 2-1/4" tall) stack together and are held in place by a detachable carrying handle that snaps securely around the containers’ handles. The top container is the perfect size for a sandwich, and the bottom one is large enough to hold a whole bunch of other things, including two coordinating round lidded containers. The 4-1/4" diameter x 1-1/4" tall one is perfect for a salad or cut fruit, and the 2-1/4" tall one with diameters of 2" at its top and 1-1/4" at its bottom is great for mustard, catsup, salad dressing, etc. All pieces are marked “Tupperware.” Very lightly used condition, with only some minor interior scratching to the boxes. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $20.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


Maker’s Mark wax dip pen

Write your notes and memos in high style with this waaay cool Maker’s Mark ballpoint pen whose top is dipped in the famous Maker’s Mark red wax! This beauty is definitely not a boring nondescript throw-away stick pen. No way! It’s a real ballpoint pen with retractable point that appears and disappears via a twist of the pen’s upper section. Twist it the other direction and the pen opens up to reveal its black ink cartridge which, when empty, can be replaced at any office supply store. Pen measures 5-5/8" long x 1/2" in diameter. White Maker’s Mark printing on one side, as well as the SIV logo. (SIV stands for Samuels 4th Generation.) Both the pen and the red wax are in perfect condition. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $15.00 includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A.

** SOLD **


Vintage hour glass

Time is money, especially at the office! This vintage 4-columned hour glass makes a great desk accessory. It’s not only beautiful, it still really does measure one hour. I timed it, and it’s perfect! It stands 9" high, with 4-3/4" square top and bottom. The wood is dark brown, possibly walnut, and the four columns are nicely turned. The hour glass is clear glass, and the fine sand has an orangish cast. Perfect condition with no dings or cracks whatsoever. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $30.00 + s/h and insurance

** SOLD **


Rival Hot Pot Express

This is a famous Rival Hot Pot Express made of easy-to-clean white polypropolene with gray enameled aluminum base. Measuring 6-1/2" in diameter (10" across from pouring spout to handle), it stands 6-1/2" tall to the top of its large circular knob. Attached electrical cord at bottom for easy use on any table or desk top. It boils up to 32 ounces of water, then keeps it hot for hours, automatically maintaining the desired temperature setting from warm to boil or any point in between. Also great for heating soups, etc. Its compact size doesn't take up much space, so it’s convenient for office use! Never used, this Hot Pot Express is in perfect condition, complete with its original stickers, instruction sheet, and coiled cord secured with its original red twist tie. What an attractive and versatile little appliance! (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $15.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Dalmatian glasses caddy

This cute black and white ceramic dalmatian has a red nose and tongue. She’s 3" tall, 4-1/4" wide, and 2-1/2" deep. Of course she’s a she – look at those eyelashes! She’s ready to come, sit, stay on your desk, just waiting to hold your reading glasses so you won’t lose them when you get up to walk around. Right now she’s holding mine, and you can’t have them, but she just wanted to show you how studious she looks with glasses. Who knows -- she might even edit that document on your computer while you’re taking a coffee break! There’s an impressed mark on the bottom that might be “atnel”, as well as the black initials SK. Mint condition. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $10.00 + s/h


  only 1 available


Cowboy boot mug

Here’s a nifty clear glass mug in the shape and style of a classic square-toed cowboy boot. Mug stands 6" tall with a 2-7/8" rim diameter and measures 3-3/4" across at both the foot and the handle. Boot features highly detailed decorations. Makes a unique coffee mug or a great milk mug for the kids! Perfect condition with no nicks, chips, or cracks. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $10.00 + s/h

** SOLD **


County Fair cold drink mug

This County Fair fruit jar mug is just perfect for iced tea, lemonade, milk, or any other cold drink. Front features an embossed roster, ferns, and a heart in a circle with “County Fair” above and “Drinking Jar” below. Smaller printing at the bottom says “Not for Home Canning,” and small printing at the bottom back says “Not For Hot Products.” Stands 5-1/4" tall with diameters of 2-5/8" at the rim and 2-1/4" at the base. Carries the Libbey stylized L on the bottom. Also makes a great gift jar when filled with candy or potpourri and topped with a piece of plastic wrap tied with a pretty ribbon and bow. We have eight of these drinking jars and price is for each. All are in perfect condition with no nicks, chips, cracks, or any sign of usage. (Click on picture for more images.) Tell a friend.

Price: $10.00 each + s/h


  only 8 available


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